Friday, 3 October 2014

Choosing Colours.

Choosing colours to work with is often more complicated for a glass artist than for someone using more traditional forms of artistic expression like paint.

Glass has a mind of its own once it begins to melt and the colour you pick when it is in rod form can disappear when heated only to reappear on a second heating or change into something very different depending on how much oxygen is in the flame you use and how much silver is in the glass. 

Mixing colours can yield extraordinary results too, but more often than not ends up with an undesirable black in my experience. This is due to the chemicals in the glass that give it its colour reacting with each other.

Trial and error is often the best way to discover what a glass will do. 

I keep my eyes open for new ways to be inspired to play with colour and recently found Design Seeds

I used this beautiful pallete to create the sets of beads below. Not really pink enough and a touch too yellow. In real life the colours are actually closer. But my lights bring out the yellows. 

The glass colours I chose where :-

Top to bottom, 

CIM Comando
CIM Slytherin
ASK Scarlet Dreams
CIM Pheonix
Eff Sedona
CIM Stonegroud

I thought as a little challenge for myself during Blogtoberfest  I would let my readers choose a colour palette for me to use to create a set of beads as I did at the top of this page. 
Please help me decide between these two colour palettes, also from Design Seeds, by voting "A" or "B" in the comments. I will count the votes on Wednesday and then I will do my best to make another set of beads using the winning pallete as inspiration.  I will report back next friday with my make and offer up another couple of pallettes to vote on.



Thank you for reading my blog and for voting, cause I dont think I could choose between these two. 



  1. I think one of these is going to be a lot harder to do in glass than the other...but I'm not telling you which. ;)

  2. Go for B

  3. I vote A as it's a really soft pretty palette. :)

  4. Love both but on such a miserable day B is warmer and more appealing, but it's close, i love grey greens

  5. Uh oh, two votes for each! I might have to do both? Thanks for the votes.

  6. Hello Julia, I'm voting for A. Thanks for joining in with BlogtoberFest 2014, keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks for your votes so far every one.