Sunday, 12 October 2014

Getting Painty

I missed yesterday, sorry but today I have had some fun with my boys.
We played Torchlight 2 (a multi-player dungeon crawler game) and watched another episode of Primeval.
Nat and I also got a bit painty by doing some almost gelli printing. For which I have to thank "Shells in the Bush". Almost Gelli because we don't have a gelli plate and used a sheet of neoprene instead which seems to work OK.

Before the fun started

We ventured into the wet and windy garden and collected some leaves from our American Oak, which are the most beautiful colour at the moment. 

Inked up the neoprene with yellow paint and Nat drew a face in it. I inked up the leaves with red and popped them onto the plate as well. Then took the first print.

The artist at work. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out at this point so I have no more photos. We moved leaves around, added a touch of green and Nat drew into the paint a bit more. 
Below is a scan of one of the best prints from this session. It is called "Christmas Tree".

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  1. Beautiful, I love the colours and I miss doing crafts with my kids they always have their own agenda now :( Looks like you had a fabulous day x