Friday, 10 October 2014

Choosing Colours II and Giveaway.

These are the beads I have made using the colours chosen last week. 
Doing this has shown my just how hard it is to match some colours in glass. The darkest grey blue green I do not have so I have used a deep petrol blue instead which works well with the other colours.

The colour Palettes are all from Design Seeds

This week I have chosen two more palettes. But this time I have decided to have a little giveaway. I will put all the names of people who vote in a draw and pick a winner on Wednesday 15th October. The winner will get a set of 20 little round beads made in the colours they voted for whether it is the winning colour or not. Please vote A or B in the comments and share with all and any beady friends you have. 




  1. 'A 'please. We need a little warmth! Both lovely selections though. Lou

  2. B for me! perfect colour match for the weather we have today!