Thursday, 2 October 2014

Retail Therapy

I took the day off to go shopping with my Mum yesterday.

We got the garden center about lunchtime and pottered around looking at all the lovely shrubs and plants. Mum wanted a large tub to pot her camellia up and some little trailing, succulent or fern type things to plant in the garden wall. 
I was after a lot of bulbs and some cottage garden perennials to plant in the bank around the side of the house. 
But you know what its like when you go shopping, can you ever stick strictly to the list?

I ended up buying this, a sweet little succulent Jade Plant type plant. Such an unusual colour!
It looks like it has seen better days to be honest, but I think I can break some of it off to re-balance it and grow up a few cuttings into new plants as a bonus. I need to take some lavender cuttings too. Looks like I need to schedule an afternoon in the green house doesn't it?

But I didn't buy either of these :(
(It was a close thing though!)

Can't think how this got into my basket.......;-)

The day ended with the garden center being well over £100 better off and us with all we wanted and more. Happy Bunnies.
Now we just have to do the planting.

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