Wednesday, 9 December 2015

History Hop Challenge 

Paleolithic Style


I was very inspired by this hop! Prehistory being my thing and all. 

I have had endless fun rubbing shells and some of my lampwork beads with real red ochre for the authentic look  and sourcing shell and bone beads to add to what will probably be a multi strand necklace. 

The little shells havn't taken up the ochre very well so I have decided to pop them in my tumbler to roughen them up a bit to see if that helps with staining. The glass beads have stained very well. 

I am particularly pleased with the stone like look of my lampwork focal.  When it is put with this round bone bead it makes me think of a human form, so I intend to string it like this some how. 
I have been thinking about hanging the focal  "upside down" because a fair few of the "Goddess" Figures I have seen in museums and such have a hole at their feet. It is believed that they were hung like that so the wearer could hold them in their hand while being worn and thus see them the right way up. 
As you can see it is not finished yet. I hope to finish it soon but practically it may be the new year before I get there. I may need a bead stringing guru to help me work out the construction part of it. All offers and suggestions gratefully received. 

Full list of participants:

Leah Curtis (hostess) - Beady Eyed Bunny
Julia Hay - Pandanimal 
Rachel Mallis - Mint Monarch
Robin Reed - Artistry HCBD 
YeeLen Spirit Designs (will be revealing on Dec. 12th, please check back then!)

Facebook Participants:
Laura Bailey Taskey


  1. Julia, this is spot on! I love it. The red ochre really brings it all together. Will you have to seal it? Your lampwork, of course, is perfect for this blog hop, too. Love the stony focal and that ivory tube bead!

    1. Thanks Leah. I have tried to seal it with wax polish. No idea if this will work though. Do you have any ideas What I could use?

  2. You made a great start, with beautiful ideas... Good luck when working it all out!

    1. Thank you Dini, I will be sure to post here when I do work it out. I might be brave enough to post it 1n the bead soup cafe too. Not really spent much time there before.

  3. That necklace is going to be really special when it is done, I can't wait to see it.

  4. Thank you Shaiha.
    I do hope so. I have a horrible feeling that whoever wears it will get covered in red ochre though! Which would be even more authentic. =)
    But maybe not what your modern human wants.
    Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

  5. Hopefully the stain will hold. It is going to be an amazing piece. Hemp knotted between the shells would look lively.

    1. I will think about that, Deborah, I don't have any hemp, but I do have linen thread. I will have to see how that looks. Thank you!