Saturday, 4 May 2013

Adventures with Fuji part 2

This is all rather self explanatory I think. I have been playing with the film speed, ISO. To see the effect. The higher the film speed the faster the shutter speed. which means the less light is needed.
Pretty much notes to myself rather than something useful to others.

ISO 100, f8 1/180
ISO 100 Fill light
The next lot of adventures will involve playing with f stops and depth of field.

ISO 100 Highlight

ISO 200 f8 1/350

ISO 200 Highlight

ISO 400 f8 1/680

ISO 400 Highlight

ISO 800 Highlight

ISO 800 f8 1/1400

ISO 1600 Very grainy f8 1/2900

On ISO 3200 I couldn't get the shutter to move fast enough to get a photo that wasn't completely overexposed.

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  1. This is definitely helpful! I'm not new to photography, but usually don't bother with manually setting the ISO and deal with it in post-processing (as best as you can). I'm going to have a play next time I photo my beads. Thanks!