Wednesday, 11 July 2012

While the Kiln Warms.

I was going to write my first blog post this morning while my kiln warmed. I thought I would start with a nice little post about my working process and choosing colours. I took this photo and managed to get it to load onto the page.  

All my transparent pinks and purples laid out on the floor ready to use.

And then the fun started. We have an extremely slow internet connection so it seems to take for ever for pictures to load up. It also takes for ever to look at pages such as layout and settings so instead of writing about nice glassy things or worse, making beads, I have spent my morning messing with pages of blogger stuff I don't understand and getting frustrated.

Right, now I am off to make some beads and hope that this storm doesn't take out our electricity.

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  1. I hope you persist because you have interesting things to say.